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We aim to be the best source of actionable store level information in India for any FMCG Company trying to Analyse the Retail & Competitor Landscape to Increase their Direct Distribution, Launch a New Product or Optimize Salesmen Beats & Delivery Routes



Data Analytics Platform for FMCG Companies to use for Direct Distribution and New Product Launch decisions at store level
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Actionable Store Level data of all FMCG Categories & Top 150 Brands

Exhaustive Census of Retail Universe & not Sample based extrapolation

Accurate Geo codes - Latitude & Longitude of each outlet for complete actionability

Direct Distribution data of Top 15 FMCG companies for Expansion & Benchmarking


Mobile Application / Sales API Technology to help companies monitor the salesmen activity and ensure beat compliance

To be installed on Salesman PDA/Mobile Phone

Links with Matrix to enable store level actionability by Salesman

Geo-Fencing Technology - Enable Urban / Rural Salesman to take order in Outlet / Town / Village vicinity only

Technology enabled tracking for Direct Distribution Expansion & Brand wise Distribution activities

Location & path based productivity metrics for Urban / Rural Salesman

Optimized for Battery Usage & Low Bandwidth Mobile Internet Connection

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Sample Real Time Map of a Sales Men


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